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Representative halls marked by history (stay of Empress Maria Theresa, enthronement of Franz Joseph I, meeting of the Austrian emperor and Russian tsar before the Battle of Austerlitz or visit of Pope St. John Paul II) are offered for rent. The halls can serve for social and cultural events (receptions, conferences, trainings, graduations, concerts etc.). The premises are wheelchair accessible by a lift; maximum capacity is 200 people.

You can also rent usual technical equipment (data projector, screen, basic sound system). Internet access is granted.

It is also possible to book evening tours as an attractive supplement to the event’s program.

The rental is subject to the approval of the Vicar General.

The organizer is obliged to follow the operating rules of the halls and follow the instructions of the building owner.

Before the rental, a personal tour of the premises by an organizer is required.

We offer for rental:

Ceremonial Hall

up to 200 people, suitable for lectures, concerts, festive events with a cultural program


up to 40 people, suitable as a part of the banquet space

Throne Hall

suitable for a banquet

Angel Hall

up to 30 people

The most common model: Ceremonial Hall (concert, awarding of certificates or prizes, speeches, conferences) + Library and Throne Hall (banquet)

The organizer is obliged to follow the rules and instructions of the building’s owner.

Banquets are provided by an external company.


Contact for rentals:

Mgr. David Mikša
Centrum pro kulturu
Tel.: +420 587 405 403
Mob.: +420 731 595 965