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Welcome to the website of the Archbishop’s Palace in Olomouc.

The official seat of Olomouc bishops and archbishops, a place where Emperor Franz Joseph I took over the throne and where Austrian emperor and Russian tsar met before the Battle of Austerlitz, and a building where Empress Maria Theresa and Pope John Paul II stayed – this is the Archbishop’s Palace in Olomouc. The building from the 17th century offers a guided tour with representative halls that have preserved rich decoration and furnishings from the Rococo, Empire, and Neo-Baroque periods.T

The building is accessible for the disabled. We offer a special haptic tour for visitors with some vision disorder – a booking is necessary for such a tour.


Precious Painting Returns to Olomouc: Enthronement of Franz Joseph I on 2 Dec. 1848 in Olomouc

The exhibition that is held in the Archbishop’s Palace in Olomouc (Wurmova Street, No 9) until 25 October presents a unique painting from 1876 that has been discovered again recently after a long period when it was considered lost. The painter used a large canvas (currently 186 x 300 cm, originally 300 x 400 cm) to picture the abdication of the Emperor of Austria Ferdinand I and the enthronement of Franz Joseph I that took place on 2 December 1848 in Olomouc. Against a background of the palace’s Throne Hall, the scene mirrors the moment when Emperor Ferdinand blesses his successor and says to him quietly: “Be good, you are welcome” (according to other source: “God bless you, be good, God will protect you”). The scene is viewed by family members and a few political representatives of the House of Habsburg.

The painting was originally bought for the Olomouc town museum that was opened in 1879 in the former chapel of St. Jerome inside the town hall and it remained here until 1947. In the following decades it was considered lost or damaged. Today it is owned by the City of Opava that bought it in 2006 and had restored by painter Blanka Valchářová.

We have a possibility to see this unique work of art 140 years after its creation. The painting returns to Olomouc for several months on the occasion of the centenary of the death of Franz Joseph I.

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